Puppies are learning from the very first day they are out of the womb.  They are learning about the world around them, whether or not to trust people, how to get what they need and want, how to play, etc.  The critical period for socialization is almost always wasted away for puppies, and they begin their lives in their forever homes with a social deficiency.  According to Dr. Ian Dunbar, the world's foremost expert on puppyhood, puppies should meet about 100 people BEFORE they are eight weeks old, and ANOTHER 100 people in the next four weeks.  That's 200 different people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors BEFORE they are 12 weeks old!  Many of us don't even get our puppies until after this time has elapsed.  Don't wait another week or two for puppy class to begin, get that puppy out there meeting people!  Begin at-home training on day-one as well.  If you're not teaching them constructively and proactively, then they may learn and develop some pretty challenging behaviors.  We have several options to get your puppy started on the right paw.


Puppy Social Skills Class:  For puppies up to 5 months old as of the start date. This class, based on Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Sirius Puppy Training Curriculum, is largely off-leash.  Puppies interact with one another, and learn impulse control & bite inhibition.  We teach them to listen, respond to directions and offer good behaviors off-leash, right from the start!  Includes introducing puppy to different people and dogs, forming a strong bond and a good family dog by setting clear house rules and setting your puppy up to form good habits.  Six Week Class is $180.00  

PUPPY PACKAGE 1: $480 for 3 Private lessons plus Puppy Social Skills Class.

Upcoming Puppy Social Skills Class Start Dates:
Sept 21, 2019 ~ Mon 6:30-7:20 PM at Choice Pet Supply, 535 Monroe Tpke Monroe CT 
Oct 23, 2019 ~ Weds 6:30-7:20 PM at Choice Pet Supply, 63 Washington Ave North Haven CT


PRE-PUPPY PLANNING & PUPPY-PROOFING: A 2-hour, private in-home session to prepare for a new puppy.  $180.  $80 applied toward the purchase of a training package.
PUPPY EVALUATION: Assess any puppy you are considering for adoption,
                                       $100, $50 applied toward the purchase of training package.
Puppy Package 2: 3 Private Lessons + 4 REAL WORLD classes for $400

Private sessions cover household manners, and are held in your home.  REAL WORLD classes are held in public settings, at a different location each week.  Special attention is given to socializing puppies in a friendly fashion.  Locations include shopping centers and busy parks or walkways.  Puppies are socialized to many people, as well as well-behaved older dogs who are taking the same classes to practice their good behaviors in public settings.


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