Behavior counseling goes beyond general dog training and seeks to do more than simply control unwanted behavior. The behavior consultant, through a detailed history and observation, makes an assessment of the causes and contributing factors of the problem behaviors, designs a behavior modification program, and then coaches the family on how to effectively apply the program.  Training is always an integral part of any behavior modification program.  Michelle Douglas is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledged Assessed (CPDT-KA).

2019 Prices:

  • $200 for a Behavior Consultation in person (includes history, and initial assessment consultation)
  • $150 for an individual written behavior plan ($350 for Behavior Consultation with plan)
  • $250 for a Behavior Consultation and Modification Program via phone/e-mail
  • $495 for a Behavior Consultation PLUS three 1-hour follow up sessions (no written plan)
  • $650 for Behavior Consultation and Modification Program (in person) PLUS 3 follow-up training sessions (1 hour each)

$75 one-time fee for additional dogs if they are part of the session
$20 for each 30 minutes travel time beyond 1 hour round-trip
$20 for each 15 minutes over 1 hour per lesson (except consultation)

*Package prices are valid when paid in full at initial consultaiton*

There are many causes of canine aggression, such as hereditary traits, fearfulness, illness, diet, pain, lack of socialization, aggressive training techniques and unintentional conditioning, traumatic experiences, impulse-control (formerly referred to as "dominance"), etc. Each separate cause of aggression may require a different modifi. Don’t go it alone, and don’t wait until it is too late.  If your dog is at all aggressive, immediately call a trainer/behavior consultant to work with you. Please don’t wait. We owe it to ourselves and our pets to assure that they are a safety in society. The fate of a dog who has bitten is never good.  At The Refined Canine, LLC, we are aggression specialists and are dedicated to successfully treating aggression.  Ask about our Aggression Management Seminars for owners & animal professionals.

Snarky Dog Class:  This class is for dogs who act inappropriately in public.  They may react to people, dogs or distractions in general.  There can be many different reasons why a dog acts inappropriately, including genetics, lack of positive early socialization, frustration, unintentional reinforcement of inappropriate behavior, poor communication skills, etc.  Whatever the cause, it can be said that the dog simply has not learned what IS appropriate.  The goal of the Snarky Dog Class is to help you better read your dog to prevent the inappropriate behavior, and to teach and encourage your dog to do other, more suitable behaviors in social settings.    Only 4-5 dogs at a time are accepted to the Snarky Dog class, locations will vary and may be outdoors.  We are always accepting applications for the waiting list.  This 6-week course is $350 for existing clients.  New clients will need to have a Behavior Consultation or one private lesson first to assess their appropriateness for class.  
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