Dogs in the REAL WORLD: A unique training group for dogs of all ages! REAL WORLD situations and distractions! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!


AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparatory Course:  This four-week class is an Intermediate level obedience class for dogs who have completed at least some basic skills training.  The focus of the class is on the ten stations of the CGC exam.   We practice the skills needed to pass the CGC exam in a fun & motivating format, utilizing games and real-life situations.  The CGC Exam is scheduled by appointment.  We have also built CGC Practice into our REAL WORLD program (see dates/locations above)! 

2017 CGC classes will be announces soon! 




Crash Course for Common Problems:  4-week course.  This course will cover simple solutions for common problems, like jumping up (on people & furniture), crowding/rushing the door, inappropriate barking, chewing/stealing, nipping and paying better attention.  $140, or take with the Recall Refresher for a package price of $250.

Recall Refresher: Intensive 4-week course.  This course starts at the beginning and proofs the recall exercise with increasing difficulty.  This course also covers attention-getting exercises and enhances your relationship with your dog.  This class is ideal for dogs who do not have a reliable recall or dogs who need a refresher. $140, or take with the Crash Course for Common Problems for a package price of $250.

Fun, Games, Sports & Tricks Classes: Fun Tricks & Games class. Try out some fun NoseWork, Treibball, Rally Obedience, Freestyle Dancing With The Dogs, and other games, and teach your dog some new (or old) tricks! Specific activities are determined by interest of individual class. PRIZES AWARDED! $35 Drop In PER CLASS, PER DOG, $120 for ALL four weeks

Kids & Dogs: Family training solutions have become one of our specialties! All courses are taught or presented by Michelle Douglas, Certified Professional Dog Trainer (KA), Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, and MOM of two children living with dogs.  "Being a mom myself, and living in the real world, I understand the challenges young families face every single day.  I can help ensure that this time is magical and safe, because I have lived it!" CLICK HERE for more information about preparing for the arrival of a new baby, or training for a dog living with small children.  We also offer a Junior Dog Trainer's course for kids 8 and up to learn about training dogs. 

Snarky Dog:  This class is for dogs who act inappropriately in public.  They may react to people, dogs or distractions in general.  There can be many different reasons why a dog acts inappropriately, including genetics, lack of positive early socialization, frustration, unintentional reinforcement of inappropriate behavior, poor communication skills, etc.  Whatever the cause, it can be said that the dog simply has not learned what IS appropriate.  The goal of the Snarky Dog Class is to help you better read your dog to prevent the inappropriate behavior, and to teach and encourage your dog to do other, more suitable behaviors for social settings.    Only 4-5 dogs at a time are accepted to the Snarky Dog class, locations , may vary and may be outdoors.  We are always accepting applications for the waiting list. This 6-week course is $285 for existing clients.  New clients will need to have one private lesson first to assess the appropriateness of snarky class for their dog, and the PACKAGE of the single private lesson PLUS the 6-week Snarky Dog class is $375.  E-mail us now!


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